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Kraze Miles was a bad commander in the Imperial Guard. He treated anyone under his ranks with disdain. Kraze used to command Tir McDohl until he succeeded Odessa Silverburg as the Toran Liberation Army leader. Kraze first sent Tir to Magician's Isle where he met the seer Leknaat. After the success, Kraze sent Tir's party to Rockland to investigate why people would not pay taxes and Kraze also sent in Kanaan. Ted was captured by Kanaan and forced to reveal power of the True Rune. Eventually, Tir mutinied against the empire. While Tir negotiates with Lepant, his wife Eileen is kidnapped by Kraze. Pahn rebels against his former commander, choosing to follow his heart and saved Eileen. Kraze tried to beg for his life, but was executed by Tir.