Kratt is Le Chiffre's right-hand henchman and is one of the supporting antagonists in Casino Royale. He therefore works for Quantum.

He was portrayed by Clemens Schick.

Casino Royale (Chapter 8)

Film biography

First, Kratt accompanies his boss to Uganda to make a deal with terrorist leader Steven Obanno. Kratt was first shown getting out of the passenger side of the jeep and opening the back door to let Le Chiffre out.

Kratt was also present when Le Chiffre was with Madam Wu. Moreover, he warns his boss that an agent of the British government killed Mollaka. Kratt was also present when Alex Dimitrios discutes with Le Chiffre in is yacht.

After he is briefly seen with Leo and he assisted Le Chiffre at the Casino Royale in Montenegro during the high-stakes poker game to win back Obanno's lost funds.

After James Bond won the Poker party, Le Chiffre kidnapped Vesper. Bond followed her but he crashed his car when they set a trap. Using a knife, Kratt cuts a tracking device from Bond's arm and when he and Le Chiffre bring Bond and Vesper to a nearby tramp steamer, Kratt uses his knife again to remove the seat from a cane-bottomed chair. He strips 007 and places him in the chair so Le Chiffre can torture him. Kratt then goes into the other room to deal with Vesper, but is later shot to death along with Valenka and the remaining henchmen by Mr. White off-screen.