Hallo Kinder... mein Name ist Krampus!
~ Krampus

Krampus is a boss and villain in the arcade game CarnEvil. He is the boss of Rickety Town level. A twisted version of Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) with antlers and pine tree claws, he faces the player in a Christmas themed ice-skating rink. He attacks by skating after the player and either clawing at him or hitting him with the large sack he carries on his shoulder.

The Frollo Show

Krampus, along with most of the enemies in CarnEvil, appear as minor villains in The Frollo Show. When the Arabian Bros dropped a potion that turned all the civilians into zombies, the CarnEvil emerged from the grounds. After Frollo, Gaston and Panty were finished with the Zombies outside CarnEvil, they went inside. eventually the three encountered Krampus. The three shot Krampus almost appearing to be uninterested. To finish off Krampus, Frollo performed Instant Transmission right near Krampus. He then yelled out; "Merry Christmas!", and shot down Krampus dead. They were rewarded with a GameShark.