Krampus' Toys are supporting antagonists of the 2015 horror comedy film, Krampus. They are evil demonic animated toys and minions of Krampus who help him terrorize families that have been bad on Christmas.


The toys are brought by Krampus to the Engle house and Howard brings them into the house and into the attic. Later Krampus has a small Jack in the Box attack and devour Beth when she is hiding under a van and has a gingerbread man on a chain to lure Howie Jr and take him up the chimney.

They escape from their box's. Later when Jordan and Stevie go up to the attic when they hear Beth's voice from up there. They are attacked by them. When Tom, Sarah, and Linda go upstairs to check on them, They see Der Klown devour Jordan. Linda attempts to shoot Der Klown. But she, Sarah, and Tom are attacked by the others. Sarah is attacked by Perchta, Linda is attacked by Teddy Klaue, and Tom is attacked by Tik Tock. Meanwhile, downstairs in the Kitchen, Lumpy, Clumpy, and Dumpy attack Howard.

Linda, Sarah, and Tom manage to retaliate and save Stevie but the toys escape. Howard manages to kill the gingerbread monsters with the help from His dog Rosie. When the group gets back down stairs, Max attempts to use Rosie to scare Der Klown. But the Jack in the Box eats the dog and he along with the other toys crash down into the living room. They prepare to attack the family But Aunt Dorothy manages to kill Tik-Tok, Teddy Klaue, and Perchta. But before she can shoot Der Klown, Krampus's Elves break into the house and rescue Der Klown and drag him away from the house. Soon after when Krampus confronts Omi he attacks her with his bag full of the monster Nutcrackers. Der Klown is then seen in Krampus's sleigh preparing to head to the underworld.

The toys are last seen in the end when they jump scare the audience.


Being a group of either toy-like demonic creatures or toys possessed by demons, these toys are aggressive, dangerous, and sadistic monsters who take great pleasure in the pain of others and show no restraint or mercy in attacking people and eating them. As with Krampus' elves, they are only loyal to their master.


  • Der Klown: Monstrous Jack-in-the-Box
  • Perchta: Psychotic Porcelain Angel Ornament
  • Tik-Tok: Demonic Wind-up Robot
  • Teddy Klaue: Rabid Teddy Bear
  • Nutcracker: Twisted Murderous Nutcracker