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The Kraken is a creature that lives in the bottomless ocean of Andros and one of the many villains in the Winx Club series.


It looks like a giant squid with a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth and without eyes.


According to Tressa, many before have tried to destroy the Kraken but all were unsuccessful and, as seen, it is both immune to magic, due to which the Winx could not do anything to fight against it, and its tentacles grow back immediately after they have been cut.

In Season 3, Valtor captured the Mermaid Queen Ligea and imprisoned her in an underwater cave. Valtor asked the Kraken to guard Queen Ligea 's jail and the Winx had to fight it to free the Mermaid Queen, who was injured in the fight. When Aisha refused to heal herself and healed Ligea instead ,she then obtained her Enchantix.

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