So, this is Kraken!
~ The player's first encounter with Kraken.

Kraken (Enteroctopus dofleini) is a gigantic Pacific octopus that resides in a sunken ship. He is the first boss encountered in The Ocean Hunter.


Kraken Poster

If one was able to capture Kraken, the hunter will be rewarded 5,000 G. Kraken was very despicable for attacking four ships, leaving 185 lives lost. Despite his name, the octopus has the behaviour of the legendary kraken. This is because both creatures are depicted as mollusks.


You first encounter this giant octopus after entering a room with one shark and two barracudas (one if the Japanese version is played). The room will be wrecked by tentacles, revealing a Pacific octopus. When the battle begins, Kraken will unleash one of his tentacles to attack you. The tentacle must be shot to cancel this attack.

To deal more damage, the weakness is the eye. If a lot of damage is dealt, a clip will show Kraken capturing one of the divers. After the cutscene ends, a dialogue will advise you to aim for the eye. You must shoot the octopus's eye to deal damage. Failure to do so could result in Kraken slamming you into a rock. The rock cannot be destroyed. After doing this three times, Kraken will die and the player is rewarded 5,000 points.


  • Kraken is named after the giant sea monster of the same name.

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