The Kraken is the third boss in the video game, Tank! Tank! Tank!. It resembles an giant octopus with a brown shell equipped with cannons. When its shell was broken, it reveals the rest of the Kraken's real head with spikes.


The Kraken can launch missles from its top cannon hidden inside its head, grab tanks with its tentacles to turn them into octopus-like tanks temporailly, and leap in the air and shoot a deadly green laser from its mouth three times.

Role in the video game

The Kraken first appeared in the level, "From the Depth of the Sea", where it submerged from the ocean and attacked the industrial conflex, and the tanks were deployed to stop the behemoth octopus. It attempted to kill all the tanks with its deadly green laser attack, but the Kraken was defeated and the industrial conflex was saved.

The Kraken appeared again in the level "Sea God" along with several Mantisbot Primes. After the Mantisbot Primes were destroyed, the Kraken returned for revenge for its second battle with the tanks. After a long and grueling battle, the Kraken was destroyed for good.