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Krake (german for squid) is a member of the teen gang "Die Unbesiegbaren Sieger" and a minor antagonist in the movie "Die Wilden Kerle". He and the Sieger occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle".

In the movie

He alongside the "Unbesiegbaren Sieger" occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle". When Fabi makes a joke about the weight of Michi, Krake throws his ball to Michi who smashes it in Fabi's stomach.

The "Sieger" break into the kiosk on the football field and steal drinks, spilling most of them for the fun of it. They then prepare to spy on the "Wilden Kerle".

Krake participates in the attack on Camelot, the treehouse of the "Wilden Kerle". He and Dampfwalze attack Camelot after Kong has fallen. They attack one of the trees with their axes but Juli and Maxi drop a weight which pulls up a net under Krake's feet which leaves him hanging in the air. To take out Dampfwalze Maxi drops another weight which hits Dampfwalze in the head and knocks Krake to the ground.

At the match for the field, he is the goalkeeper.

He alongside the other "Sieger" leave the football field when they are defeated. To prevent the "Wilden Kerle" to spread tales of their victory, the "Sieger" serve the "Wilden Kerle" at their field.


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