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Kraang Prime56

Full Name
Kraang Prime
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
Leader of the Kraang and ruler of their planet.
Powers / Skills
Torturing humans. Experimenting on humans.
Take over the world, destroy the humans and replace them.
Type of Villain
Sadist / Alien / Knight Of Cerebus

~ Kraang Prime

Kraang Prime is a character who appeared in the first season finale of the 2012 version of "Teenage Mutant Ni​nja Turtles". He is the leader of the Kraang and the latest incarnation of Krang


Kraang Prime first appears when he delivers a message to his fellow Kraang, stating that the invasion of Earth has begun. After April O'Neil is captured by Shredder and given to the Kraang, Kraang Prime introduces himself and explains to her that he required April's uniquely attuned energy signature to stabalize the terraforming process. Now that he has her the terraforming of Earth begins, with people beginnig to choke as Earth's air changes. However, the plan is foiled when the Turtles arrive and free April.<

The kraang prime

In an attempt to kill the Turtles, Kranng Prime reveals his exo-suit in the walls of his throne room and pursues them as the Technodrome malfunctions. The Turtles and April are saved by Leonardo, who holds off Kraang Prime while the rest escape. An explosion rocks the flying fortress and both are thought dead. However, Leonardo has survived, and the re-activation of the Technodrome on the ocean floor hints that Kraang Prime survived as well.

In the episode "The Kranng Conspiracy" Kraang Prime was shown in a hologram where he was telling the Kraang his plans with the Mutagen, where he caught April spying on them.

In "Plan 10" he is informing a Kraang (who is really a mind-switched Raph) about the invasion.


Kraang Prime resembles most others of his species, except that he is much larger; over 10 feet in diameter. He also has three hexagonal decorations on his forehead. When needed, he can move about in his custom built robotic body. The body is a massive 25-foot mechanical weapon with long tentacle-like arms and a powerful energy weapon mounted at the head, much larger than other Kraangdroid. Kraang Prime speaks english without the aid of his mechanical body and is not as redundant in his speech as other Kraang are, though he does lapse into it at times.


  • "The invasion that is known as the invasion of Earth begins...NOW!"
  • "Kraang came all this way for you...April O'Neil."
  • "Soon your world will be ours!"
  • "Kraang won't let me stop my pathetic mutants!!"


  • Kraang Prime speaks without the aid of his exo-suit and does so in a much less redundant way than his minions. He even refers to himself in the singular, specifically naming himself 'Krang'. He does, however, occasionally slip into the redundant habit of his lessers.
  • It seems almost certain that Kraang Prime is the 2012 series' incarnation of Krang. This is shown in the similarity of its exo-suit to the 87 character's, its high-pitched voice, and its direct introduction as 'Krang'.

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