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Kanohi Kraahkan with glowing eyes
The Kanohi Kraahkan is the villainous mask which was wore by the villain, Makuta Teridax . It was also known as the Great Mask of Shadows since it was both very dangerous and powerful due to its immerse power inside .


The Great Mask of Shadows was in the past, created by the being called Artahka , which used the Protosteel to create this mask. It was later wore by Teridax for the next 100,001 years before he becomes an evil being and take control of the entire Brotherhood of Makuta.

During the final battle between Teridax and Toa Takanuva, when both Takanuva and Teridax merged to form the entity called Takutanuva, their masks also fused together, thus turning into the Mask of Light and Shadow. However soon afterwards, Takutanuva and his mask soon split apart.

With Teridax out of action, the another Makuta called Icarax happened to visit Mangaia, Teridax's hideout in the island of Mata Nui where he stumbled upon the shattered armor of Teridax and took his Kraahkan, which he wore later. 

Afterwards, Icarax went back to Destral, the island base of the Makuta where he freed all the Makuta who were defeated by their former allies, the Toa Hagah. Once the job is done, Icarax began to take control of the Brotherhood of Makuta as the new leader and begin an invasion on Karda Nui, the homeland of the Av-Matoran. 

Shortly when the Barraki called Pridak was captured by Icarax, he was both brutally tortured and interrogated by Icarax about the whereabout of the Kanohi Ignika. When Pridak refuses to answer, Icarax proceeds to use his mask to probe Pridak's mind to find out the location of the Mask of Life, which was happened to be inside the Swamp of Secrets in the island of Nynrah. 

During the final battle between Icarax and the Toa called Toa Ignika, the Kraahkan was eventually destroyed when Ignika destroyed Icarax from inside his body after the latter absorbed the former with his Shadow Hand.

Powers and Abilities

The Kraahkan is considered to be most powerful Great Mask since it contains an incredible power. It also have the ability to create an endless darkness as well as turning a being against his or her friends or even making them easily frightened. 

Aside from the powers above, the Kraahkan also have the power to probe into the being's mind in search of information and other purposes as well.

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