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Kozaky GX

Kozaky is a minor villain in Yu-Gi-oh! GX. He serves a minion of the Supreme King and possibly a former minion of Brron.


Kozaky is a Fiend-Type monster. He looks like a demonic, hunchback scientist with a dark blue skin, spikes mostly on his back, pointed ears, and horns.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

When Axel, and Jim were trying to find The Supreme King, they encountered Kozaky. Jim challenged Kozaky to a duel. On Kozaky's turn he manage to summon 3 monsters on the field and manage to deal a huge chunk of damage to Jim's Life Points. On Jim's turn however, he manage to summon Fossil Machine Skullconvoy. With the power of it's effect, Jim manage to destroy all three of Kozaky's monsters and inflicting 1000 life points for each monsters, thus Kozaky lost the duel and was sent to the stars.


Kozacy's Deck is the Motorcycle Deck. Most of his monsters, or the ones that were shown, ride a motorcycle. His strongest monster appeared to be the Dokurorider.


  • Kozaky's design is slightly different compaired to his card design. In the TV show he has horns, while his card doesn't have horns.

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