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Kokuwu (Corpse Princess)
is a minor antagonist in Corpse Princess. He's one of the members of The Seven Stars.


Kowaku is a Shikabane that resembles a human being with green hair and wear a ball necklace on his neck.

Corpse Princess

Kowaku was originally a Buddhist monk before he became a Shikabane for unexplained reasons. His curse allows him to change the make up of his body, mainly as a gas. He was killed by Makina near the end of the first season when, while she was still reeling from Keisei's death, she had found his weakness - which was the beads around his neck, which held his brain.


  • Kowaku is the first members of the Seven Stars to fall, as well the only member of the Seven Stars to die on the first season.

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