Kouha Kannei is a pervert and a highly dishonorable fighter, he specializes in using a pair of tonfas with hidden blades.


Myosai used a pressure point move on him that would kill him in ten days, and promised to remove the effect if Kannei would kill Hakufu but has failed to do this so far. He interrupts the Seito group's attack during the battle, having been possessed by Ryofu's magatama. He shows none of her personality, but has her vicious will to fight. He is finally stopped by Taishiji.In the anime adaptation, he is crazier than his manga counterpart, and can be best described as a deranged chimpanzee. Ouin drives him insane by making him kill Enjutsu prior to the start of the series. He then hypnotizes Kannei into believing Enjutsu is still alive, and gives him orders which he suicidally follows. He is confined to an asylum at the end of the first season where he still remains. However, after Bashoku's framing of Kannei for the death of Kakuka in Dragon Destiny, he mysteriously vanished from this confinement, which led Koukin and Gakushuu into suspecting Seito may have been involved.