I'll break your bones one by one and believe me it hurts a lot
~ Kostas to Christos

Kostas XXX is the main villain in Tenth Mandate episode "Between Friends".


Kostas is an ordinary man who lives in Athens with his girlfriend Rena. However, Christos Rena's friend returns from army and meets them. Rena and Christos were having very good time together in Athens and hanged out every day. But Kostas was very jealous and was afraid that Rena will break up with him for Christos. Kostas tryed to persuade Christos to give them some space and let them spend some time by themselves. Christos stopped spending time with them and also stopped communicating with Rena. She was very worried when he did that and she wanted to find him. Christos revealed her the conversation he and Kostas had and when she learned that she was furious with Kostas behaviour. She broke up with Kostas but Kostas didn't accept it. He followed Rena everywhere and didn't let her leave him. In order to get away from Kostas, she went to a remote house in the country yard. After Kostas killed Christos, he went to that house to find Rena. He kept her imprisoned and raped her multiple times. After days of mistreatment, Rena acted that she was convienced that Kostas loved her and she wanted to return to him. However Rena's purpose was to kill Kostas and she achieved that by stabbing him a lot of times with his kitchen knife.

Powers and abilities

Kostas XXX has several powers mentioned bellow:

  • Kitchen Knife: Kostas can stabb people from close range
  • Neck Break: Kostas can execute people by breaking their neck
  • Tremendous power: Kostas is strong enough to beat up any man
  • Raping skills: Kostas is capable of raping women
  • Immunity: Kostas can't die with ordinary weapons
  • Teleportation: Kostas in some cases teleports from one place to other

Full episode

10th Mandate Between Friends (Starring Kostas XXX)

10th Mandate Between Friends (Starring Kostas XXX)