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Kosmo the Inscrutable is the main antagonist of the video game Voodoo Vince and aspires to take over the world. He thinks of himself as a powerful and dangerous villain, But in reality he's rather comedic. Nevertheless, Kosmo does become a prominent threat in the game as he manages to alter reality via the misuse of Zombie Dust, leaving Vince (an animated Voodoo Doll) to put a stop to Kosmo's plans.

Throughout the game Kosmo often appears to Vince in the form of a floating head and taunts him while trying to persuade him to give up on his quest - which Vince generally ignores. Eventually Vince tracks down and confronts Kosmo who is piloting a colossal robot of himself. However Vince dismantles the villain's mech and Kosmo tries to use the last of his power to despose of his enemies, but his attempt fails. He and his cronies are then transformed into balloons and are last seen floating up into the sky.

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