Koromo Amae is the primary "antagonist" of the first half of the anime and manga series Saki, by Ritz Kobayashi. She is the captain of the Ryuumonbuchi mahjong team, and she is hailed as a "demon" for her incredibly abnormal mahjong prowess no living soul could hope to match, and is thus feared by many, including her own teammates.


Koromo initially sees her opponents as puppets and sacrifices to relieve her boredom. However, she actually feels lonely, and desperately looks for friends to play with.

When Koromo is not playing mahjong, she is very kind, compassionate to others, and even somewhat childish. However, her true demon is revealed during a duel - she becomes a vicious, agressive and arrogant monster who has a voracious appetite for the tears of her opponents, thus bringing in her villainous side. Her reasoning for acting evil is unknown, but it can be implied she can't control herself during battles, thus resulting in her losing friends and becoming lonely. She has a very close relationship with her cousin and her butler, as well as the rest of her team. Her power is increased beneath a full moon, so much it can even blow out the lights of a building.


Koromo has long, golden blond locks falling back behind her head. She has very large blue eyes, a flat chest, and wears a dress at most times.