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Bennett, also known as 'Koquillion', was the main antagonist of the Doctor Who serial 'The Rescue'. He was a murderer in the 25th century who disguised himself as an native on the planet Dido to escape justice.


While being a passenger on the ship UK-201 (which was heading for the planet Astra), Bennett murdered a crew member and was caught. When the ship crashed on the planet Dido, the crew were invited to the Dido people's meeting and Bennett proceeded to blow up the area which killed the entire crew (excluding Vicki) and the entire population of the Dido people in order to cover up his crimes.

Vicki, unable to attend the meeting due to being ill, didn't know about the explosion so Bennett decided to use her innocence to save himself from the authorities and pretended to be paralysed to make the façade more convincing. He told Vicki that the inhabitants have killed the crew and disguised himself as Koquillion (using the inhabitants ceremonial clothes) to make the inhabitants seem hostile and used the tape recorders in his room to make sure Vicki doesn't go in his room when he is disguised as Koquillion.

Koquillion 2

Bennett was exposed by the First Doctor, with the Doctor remarking "You destroyed an entire planet to save your own skin. Your insane!". After gloating about his crimes, he attempted to strangle the Doctor but before killing him, he encounters two surviving Dido people, who walk towards him and Bennett starts going into a panic and proceeds to back away from them until he fell off the ledge which killed him.