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Colonel Koobus Venter is the main antagonist of the 2009 film District 9.

He was portrayed by South African film actor David James.

Venter is a ruthless, xenophobic PMN soldier sent to capture Wikus van de Merwe, a bureaucrat of the Multinational United and the film's protagonist who became exposed to a strange black fluid that begun his slow and abnormal transformation into a Prawn, the alien species living in the shanty town called District 9 beside Johannesburg, South Africa.

As for Venter, he is violent, sadistic, and cold blooded. He despises the Prawn species and is willing to kill them in any manor possible. He will treat anyone or anything violently if they stand in his way.

After a climactic battle, Venter finally encounters Wikus, nearing the end of his transformation, and tends to kill him. However a group of Prawns show up to his rescue by introducing Venter to his demise; ripping him into pieces and eating him.