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Konvikt's history is mostly unknown. He was a soldier and a man of honor once, but at some point, through unknown means, he was dishonorably discharged, stripped of his rank and - shockingly - his right to his legal name. He was sent to a prison.



During a prisoner transfer, there was an accident, and he was placed in an escape pod. Landing on Earth with a partner called Graak, who decided to name him "Konvikt", he proceeded to wreck the town of Thayer's Notch, MA. before he was stopped by the Justice League, most notably the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. He was sent to the Slabside Metahuman Penitentiary in Antarctica. Escaping, he was recruited by Morgaine le Fey and Enigma for their "Anti-Trinity", an organization which planned to gain godlike powers and alter reality.

In this role, he gained newfound power. Changing to a new form composed of red fire, he fought the returning Trinity and met Krona.

In the wake of this disaster, stripped of his godlike powers, he was seen wandering an arctic environment, contemplating his mistakes.

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