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Gansley (known as Konosuke Oshita in the Japanese version) is one of the Big Five in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. He is the leader and founder of the Big Five. He is bald except for the gray hair on the side of his head, and possibly is the oldest, as he has a cane. He is voiced by Marc Thompson.


Gansley's business career began with a lemonade stand that he stole from his neighbor. He soon became the biggest lemonade distributor, and then started working for Gozaburo Kaiba at Kaiba Corp. With the other four members of the Big Five, Gansley conspired with Kaiba to take over Kaiba Corp and overthrow Gozaburo. Their plan succeeded, but Kaiba betrayed them, so when Maximillion Pegasus attempted to take over Kaiba Corp, the Big Five joined forces with him to help him. After Pegasus was defeated by Yugi in a duel, Kaiba fired the Big Five, but they trapped him in his own virtual world and attempted to sacrifice him to the lava pit to awaken the Five-Headed Dragon. When Yugi Muto, Katsuya Jonouchi, Mai Kujaku, and Mokuba Kaiba entered the game, the Big Five summoned the Mythic Dragon themselves. Gansley appeared to control its center head and killed Joey, Mai, and Mokuba (from which they were later revived), but when Yugi and Kaiba combined their monsters to destroy the Five-Headed Dragon, the Big Five were imprisoned in the virtual world.

Gansley Deepsea warrior

Gansley as Deepsea Warrior

They were there so long their bodies were destroyed, until they found Noah Kaiba and entered his virtual world. They agreed to defeat Yugi, Seto Kaiba, and the others, as they needed to steal their bodies to escape.

Gansley took the form of Deep Sea Warrior and dueled Yugi. His deck is water themed, and he was able to sacrifice two monsters to create a barrier to reflect any of Yugi's attacks back at him. However, with Kuriboh as his deck master (though Yugi intended to choose the Dark Magician), he was able to attack Gansley directly and defeat him.

Gansley was digitized, but not destroyed; he later returned alongside his defeated comrades Crump, Johnson, and Lector, attempting to steal the bodies of Joey, Serenity, and Duke. Gansley broke up a fight between Crump and Lector, before Noah recalled them, as they had not won the bodies in a duel.

Eventually they all entered Tristan's body, which had been stolen by Nesbitt. They dueled together against Yugi and Joey, rotating around.  was only dueling for one turn before Crump took over. Yugi and Joey defeated the Big Five. They attempted to steal the gang's bodies again, but Noah sent them back to his room. They asked him for another chance, but he gave them no more chances, and imprisoned them each in a different corner of the virtual world.

Noah imprisons the Big Five.

Gansley was killed along with Noah, Gozaburo, and the other members of the Big Five when Noah caused a satellite attack that destroyed the fortress that the virtual world was stationed in, deleting the virtual world and anyone in it.


As a businessman, Gansley knows many business strategies, but is quite unethical in his business career, as he would fire his workers for no reason, and began his business career by stealing a lemonade stand from his neighbor. He also seems to be one of the better duelists of the Big Five, as he came close to defeating Yugi, apparently having analyzed every aspect of the duel, but underestimated Kuriboh, which led to his downfall.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

In LittleKuriboh's parody Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, Gansley's role is mostly similar to his role in the anime, except that he (and the others in the Big Five) are part of 4Kids out to cancel the Abridged Series due to the word "Disney" being mentioned. He was defeated by Yugi, but returned to chase after Joey, Serenity, Tristan, and Duke. After all the Big Five were defeated by Yugi and Joey, Noah punished them by banishing them to the darkest corners of the Internet. Gansley was sent to Megaupload, which was empty.