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Konomi Yurikawa

Konomi Yurikawa (百合川 このみ) is a minor villainess in Yuri Kuma Arashi. Kureha's classmate, another bear, who is in a relationship with Mitsuko, and also a member and the first-seen leader of the Invisible Storm. In later episodes, she is revived as a cyborg to get revenge on the bears; but she and Ai Uchiko finally redeemed themselves. She is voiced by Ami Koshimizu, who did countless roles of Kallen Kazoki from Code Geass, Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, and Ibuki Mioda from Danganronpa 2.



Konomi Yurikawa is a teenage that wears an Invisble Storm uniform. Two leaves are on the left side of her hair that is covered between these ears. Her facial appearance is freckles between the side of her face.


In her bear form, the little tree-like fur is at the top of her head. The freckles are the same that are both sides of her face.


Konomi Yurikawa is multi-tasked. Although, she is spoiled and bratty. She wants to get in her way by doing angry tantrums against humans.


She made a debut in episode 1. She is once a member in Invisible Storm, although she is resigned. She transformed herself into bear to eat Kureha Tsubaki, but she is shot and killed by Mitsuko. Her corpse is later remodeled as a cyborg by the Invisible Storm to power a large cannon. After Kureha's and Ginko's escape, she is rejected by the Invisible Storm and labelled as "defective", but is found by Uchiko. The two then form a friendship together.



  • Her seiyuu, Ami Koshimizu, did play Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass and Ryuko Matoi from KIll La Kill.
  • Her Sacred Seven counterpart is Arakune.
  • Her main quote is "Nasty Girl!"

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