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Konngara is one of two final boss villainesses from the first Touhou Project old-age game, Highly Responsive to Prayers, alongside Sariel. She is a being that Reimu Hakurei encounters deep within Hell, at the Silent Shrine. She is the final enemy Reimu confronts before she returns to her shrine. But because she has no profile and exchanges no dialogue with Reimu, nothing else is known about this enemy.


Konngara has red eyes, black hair, has a red ribbon in her hair and wields a large sword. She wears red robes with white trim and grey sleeves. She has what seems to be either a horn or a spike impaled through her forehead.


  • "Konngara" is a numerical value, equivalent to 10 to the power of 112.
  • Meira and Konngara bare a striking resemblance to each other. They also share a single kanji in their names (羅), which means either "silk" or "gauze" or "Latin".
  • Konngara may be a reference to an attendant of the Fudoo Myoo-oo, the Japanese name for the Wisdom King Acala (Ācalanātha in Sanskrit), in Shingon Buddhism. Fudoo Myoo-oo is a violent figure, who burns away material desire with his flames. He is often depicted with fire and a sword, and attendants 'Konngara Dōji' and 'Seitaka Dōji', who are sometimes considered part of Fudoo Myoo-oo's 'Eight Great Youths'. Some artwork presents Konngara as male, or as an attendant of a deity. At least one text refers to Konngara as a yaksha, which are quasi-deities of a generally tutelary & benevolent character, but also sometime as malevolent, and hence why one might banished to jigoku (hell). 
  • In Highly Responsive to Prayers, she is the only boss to only have facial expressions when battling Reimu. Which could give the player a clue to the attacks she is about to use.
  • Konngara lacks any apparent legs (from the knee down) in-game, which could possibly be a reference to Dante's Divine comedy, there the devil is portrayed as waist deep in the ice of Judecca.



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HRtP Konngara's Theme Swordsman of a Distant Star10:01

HRtP Konngara's Theme Swordsman of a Distant Star

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