Konk was a supporting villain in The Pirates of Dark Water. He was voiced by Tim Curry.


Konk was a short, fat pirate aboard the Maelstrom and one of Bloth's most trusted lieutenants. Or so he tells himself. Konk isn't especially intelligentintelligent, but for his size he is a vicious and courageous fighter. And for the most part, he is loyal to Bloth and is very mindful of his captain's wrath, as, years before, Bloth had become so angry with Konk he'd thrown him to the Constrictus. Amazingly, Konk survived, although the Constrictus succeeded in biting his leg off. Konk had it replaced with a metal peg leg.


Konk's largest role in Bloth's schemes involved his stealing the compass and the First Treasure of Rule from Ren on the Island of the Pale Warriors. Unable to return to the Maelstrom straight away, he and the Lugg Brothers fled Ren's crew, stopping off in Pandawa to get help from Jargis. After Pandawa, they pressed on to Janda-Town, where the compass and treasure were stolen back from them by Ioz and Tula, with some help from Zoolie (who picked Konk's pocket).

Further demonstrating his uncanny knack for survival against incredible odds, Konk has survived at least two more trips to the Constrictus' pit (one for losing the compass and treasure in Janda-Town), as well as a whole host of other dangerous situations and come out none the worse for wear. He also, at one point, traded bodies with Niddler thanks to a dose of Morpho's magic potion, but was returned to his old body when Ren (in Bloth's body) used the antidote.


He turned against Bloth and helped Mantus overthrow Bloth. Eventually Bloth retook command of the Maelstrom from Mantus, and Konk was back to serving under Bloth once more.