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Kongo-Otto is one of the five main antagonists in the German comedy movie Didi und die Rache der Enterbten.


He's a soldier who's state enemy Nr. 1 in Africa.Like his four other relatives, Emilio is disinherited by his uncle Gustav Böllemann, who bequeathes his wealth to a related gravedigger called Didi Dödel. Manipulated with the sentence that dead people can't inherit any more by the attorney Dr. Prätorius, Kongo-Otto plans to kill Didi so he and the other four inheritors (the fifth one, Titus, suffocated because of an ananas) can share the money among them. After he found out where Didi lives, he tells Didi's neighbour Teo to sit in a ton, saying that he's an actor of a movie. He throws a grenade into Didi's apartment, but Didi, believing the grenade to be a ball, throws it back and it kills Otto.


  • Kongo-Otto was played by Dieter Hallervorden, like all antagonists except Dr. Prätorius.
  • Kongo-Otto is based on the real person Kongo-Müller.