Kong is an antagonist in the German movie Die Wilden Kerle. He is a member of the gang "Die unbesiegbaren Sieger" (eng. the unbeatable victors). He and the Sieger occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle".


Die Wilden KerleEdit

While the "Sieger" are spying on the "Wilde Kerle" training session, Kong states that Sense was right when he said that Willi has trained them well which implies that Sense spied on them before. For this he is hit by Michi. He then sends Kong to bring Michi his saw while the other "Sieger" get their axes.

Kong participates in the attack on Camelot, the treehouse of the "Wilden Kerle". When Mähdrescher and Fettauge are taken out, Michi orders Kong to attack. Marlon shoots at him with his water pistol but Kong moves out of the way. He is rendered unconscious when Vanessa drops a heavily filled sack onto his face. He drops to the ground which disturbs Sense who screams at Michi because he told them that the attack would be easy. When the Sieger are beaten and leave, Kong leaves last and screams frustrated.

During the match for the field, he smashes Maxi out of his way. Although this is a foul, he is not punished.

He shoots the eighth goal.

When Raban shoots the winning goal for the "Wilden Kerle", Kong falls to his knees, atmitting defeat.

He alongside the other "Sieger" leave the football field when they are defeated. To prevent the "Wilden Kerle" to spread tales of their victory, the "Sieger" serve the "Wilden Kerle" at their field, with Kong holding a parasol.

Die Wilden Kerle 2Edit

While they plan the rebuilding of their "Teufelstopf" stadium, the "Wilden Kerle" mockingly state that they will build cages for hooligans, including Michi, Dampfwalze and Kong.