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Komorujin Neo-Shocker Kaijin
Komorujin (コウモルジン Kōmorujin?, 3): A vampire bat cyborg who assumes the guise of an eldery park groundskeeper. He uses a special flute to hypnotize children so he can bite them and place them in frozen storage in truck. Once thawed in Bat Base, the children are drained of their blood so their RHB can be used to create a poisonous gas. When, Komorujin until Tonda's interference revealed the cyborg's weakness to flashes. The next day, Komorujin pursues a boy named Satoru after he witnessed him in his true form. After Shido placed a tracking device on Satrou, Skyrider tracks down Komorujin to his Bat-Base and uses his Super Light Wave to blind the cyborg while destroying his flute. As Satoru gets the other children to safety, Skyrider dissolves Komoruijin with his grounding Sky Kick.

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