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I'm proud of my work. I wouldn't deny it.
~ Komodo

Komodo is a minor antagonist in the third season of Arrow. He is a mercenary who is falsely suspected of being the killer of Sara Lance.

He was portrayed by Matt Ward.

Early life

Simon was born in Saint-Sophie, Quebec, raised by his single unnamed mother. As the mercenary Komodo he is wanted for murder in 7 countries.

In the series

Believing him to be the murderer of Sara Lance, Arrow plans to hunt him down. After he murdered a drug dealer, a witness interrogated by the Arrow gives up enough information for John Diggle to find him in the A.R.G.U.S. database.

Felicity tracks down Komodo while he calls his mother and is able to give the Arrow the location. The Arrow arrives to stop Komodo from killing another victim. The Arrow and Komodo fight on motorcycles, shooting each other with arrows, until Komodo knocks the Arrow off his motorcycle and escapes moments before the police arrives.

When the victim saved by the Arrow is put into hospital, Komodo kills him by shooting through a window.

When Komodo tries to kill a board member of Amertek, he is stopped by the Arrow. After fleeing, he and Arrow fight again, this time the Arrow catches an arrow shot at him by Komodo and shoots the same arrow back, pinning Komodo to the wall. Laurel appears and wants to shoot Komodo for murdering her sister but Komodo replies that he was in Blüdhaven at that time. Laurel tries to shoot him but the gun is empty, the Arrow having taken out the bullets before. They leave Komodo for the police.

Later, Oliver tells Laurel that Komodo killed two people in Blüdhaven the night Sara died, meaning that he couldn't have murdered Sara.

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