Kommissar is the main antagonist in the 2015 sequel, Pitch Perfect 2.

She is portrayed by Birgitte Hjort-Sorenson.


Kommissar is the co-leader of Das Sound Machine, a German a capella group (she shares that role with Pieter Kramer). She and the rest of the group accost the Bellas at a car show and taunt them condescendingly. A short time after, they do the same thing at the Riff-Off. The Bellas and Das Sound Machine make it to the final round, but DSM wins when Emily bombs her song. At the World A Capella Competition, the Bellas and DSM compete once more, but thanks to a surprise appearance from former Bellas Aubrey and Katherine, the Bellas win. Kommissar and Pieter shake their heads and walk away.