Ubel is the secondary antagonist in the Battalion Wars series. He is an Xylvanian millitary commander. Dimwitted but loyal, Ubel's hobbies include destroying "Frontier dogs". Despite his idiocy, his brute force can be very effective in battle. Ubel idolises Kaiser Vlad and aspires to be like him. He speaks with a thick Austrian accent. He also can be very childish which annoys The Kaiser who lacks faith in Ubel's abilities.


Ubel first appears in Battalion Wars 1 with Vlad recieving his orders. He is constantly defeated which contributes to Kaiser Vlad's doubt in him. At the end of the second campaign, Ubel murders Tsar Gorgi leading to his son Marshal Nova demanding vengance. After helping Countess Ingrid (who Ubel has feelings for) resurrect the Iron Legion, Vlad is furious at Ubel saying that a trained monkey could be a better strategist. After the city of Vladstag is captured Marshal Nova exacts his revenge on Ubel by knocking him unconsious. Vlad escapes leaving Ubel to be imprisoned in Tundra until the second game.

In Battalion Wars 2, after Vlad made his return he invaded Tundra and while doing so, freed Ubel. Ubel then continues commanding the Xylvanian army. In the first mission of the final campaign Ubel attempts to destroy Tsar Gorgi's mausoleum with explosives but his thwarted by the commander (the player). In the final mission he accompanies Kaiser Vlad in the mining spider. After it is destroyed, Vlad uses the staff of Qa-Len and in doing so trapping the two under the wastes. Ubel last appearance is when he attempts to dig their way out while the Kaiser watchs.