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Koloktos is the boss of the Ancient Cistern in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a "massive metallic weapon created to punish intruders". Ghirahim overtook it and supplied it with cursed energy, giving it more power to battle against Link. It is held together by red cores in its arms and torso.


  • Koloktos's overall design seems to take inspiration from Hindu deities, particularly the Vamana avatar of Vishnu.
  • Koloktos is a homogram of colossus, meaning "huge". This is true to Koloktos's height. Its name may also be derived from "koło ktoś", a Polish phrase meaning "Round One". This applies to its round torso and orb-like red cores.
  • Koloktos is one of the only bosses that does not completely explode. The darkness inside it explodes while it's golden armor pieces stay behind. Furthermore, when Koloktos is defeated, it seems to laugh like a child before exploding.
  • Koloktos can be damaged with Link's regular sword even during the second phase of the fight, but it will not die until its core is struck at least once with its own sword, even if its health is at zero.
  • Koloktos is a very popular villain, despite only appearing for a short portion of the game, due to it being considered one of the best bosses in the Zelda series, or even in all of videogame history.

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