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Kolar  is a villain from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien


Kolar is a blue tetramand with red eyes, He has long black hair and a small black beard, He wears a silver belt, He also wears silver braces on his wrists and ankles, He wears black pants, and he has some scars on his body.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Stength: Like all tetramands, Kolar possessess enhanced strength, He is also stronger than Four Arms.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like all tetramands, Kolar can take damage.


Kolar's first plan was to set Tack's fusion grenade to malfunctioned and overload mode, so it will kill Hulka along with Tack, but the plan failed when Ben transform into Fasttrack and save them from the explode.

Later Kolar have fight with Hulka in the weapons room, Ben transform into Four Arms and fight Kolar, but Kolar was winning.

Kolar than got Tack and hold him in the air so he can force Hulka to do something for him, Kolar used a Null Void Projector to create a portal that leave to a small sun the Null Void for Hulka to go in.


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