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Go back.
~ Kokomon's catchphrase
Willis. Thank you...
~ Kokomon's last words

Wendigomon (ウェンディモン Wendimon) also known as Kokomon in the American cut, is the main antagonist in Digimon: The Movie, replacing the second segment's antagonist Diaboromon shortly after his death.


Wendigomon is a Champion Level Animal Digimon that resembles a monster with a dog-like face. He has spikes on his shoulder, and carries a skull on his head.

Digimon: The Movie

In the movie Wendigomon is known as Endigomon. After Omnimon defeated Diaboromon, everything seemed to finally be at peace. Until the virus that infected Diaboromon, infected Willis' Kokomon. For five years Willis had to watch Kokomon slowly digivolve into a monster. Endigomon has been chasing Willis telling him to go back to he beginning, as well as making others who help Willis dissappear.

When Kari, TK, Patamon and Gatomon were in America to visit Mimi, they encounter Willis and Terriermon. They were being attacked by Endigomon. Terriermon fought his brother. After the battle ended Endigomon disappear. TK and Kari encounter Endigomon again. He was about to make then disappear, until thier D3 activated. This protected them and caused Endigomon to disappear. When Davis Willis, Terriermon and Veemon were seperated by the others, they also encounter Endigomon. Terriermon digivoled into Gargomon and manage to defeat his brother.

When all the DigiDestined, (except for TK and Kari; they join the fight later on) are about to fight Wendigomon, he Digvolved into Antylamon. He eventually Digivolved into Cherubimon. Veemon, and Terriermon golden armor Digivolved into Magnamon and Rapidmon and destroyed the virus that infected Endigomon. Willis thought Endigomon was gone for good. What really happened is that Kokomon reverted into a Digi-Egg, because Digimon can never truely die.

Digimon Xros Wars

An army of Wendigomon are members of the Bagra Army. They serve one of the Death Generals; Gravimon. Most of them were destroyed by Shoutmon X7.


  • Koko Crusher
  • Cable Crusher



  • His name and appearance are derived from the mythological Wendigo, especially its portrayal in the book The Wendigo by author Algernon Blackwood.
  • His name is sometimes spelled as "Cocomon."  Despite this, it actually sounds like "Kokomo."
  • He bears a physical resemblance to Mojo Jojo.
  • He seems to look crazy as all heck like Mikey from Men in Black.

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