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I'm going to fuck you up!
~ Kojack's main quote

Kojack is the 10th boss in the game Madworld. He's ranked 11th in Deathwatch.


Kojack is presumably a clone of Jack. He has an eye patch on his right eye, a tattoo of a star on his back, a mechanical arm with a retractable chainsaw and always rides a motorcycle.


Kojack is the 1st boss in Area 66. Kojack and Jack fight each other on their motorcycles, trying to ram into each other and deal damage to each other with their chainsaws. During the power struggle, both Jack and Kojack jump in the air and attempt to cut each other with their chainsaw. After Kojack's health is depleted, Jack and Kojack attempt to ram into each other one last time. Jack manages to jump in the air and toss his motorcycle onto Kojack making Kojack's motorcycle explode, killing Kojack.


  • Never getting off Kojack's bike is said to be his theme
  • Kojack is the only boss in Madworld that is fought on a motorcycle
  • During the boss battle one of the commentators, Kreese Kreeley is actually cheering for Kojack instead of Jack Cayman. Kreese even goes into denial when Kojack is killed.
  • Not including Jack Cayman, Kojack is the only playable character in Madworld. He can be played in the two-player multiplayer mode.


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