Someday even if I may be hated, even if I may become your enemy, even so, I still want to be your friend!
~ Koharu

Koharu (こはる) is one of the selectable heroines of the anime, manga, and otome game series Norn9 Norn+Nonette.

In Last Era, her civilian attire consist yellow frilly dress and pink jacket with orange flower brooch, a white tight-high frilly socks with two pieces dark pink ribbons, and brown shoes.


Despite being a villainess, Koharu isn't evil at all. She is an ignorant and fearless girl. But, she is also a polite, pure and cheerful girl in he same time. Koharu has less knowledge, so she always notes everything. She always uses polite speech with everyone and is fairly naive and gullible because she lived a life of utter solitude and seclusion. She has always looked forward to the coming of the ship so that she could talk to people again.

Koharu is also incredibly bad with jokes. However, she is still very positive and kindhearted.





The player met Koharu for the first time when Sorata arrive in Taishou era. Upon waking up, the players sees a girl with pink hair looking at Sorata with concerns in her eyes.