Kognor was the god of death in the universe of The Paladin [1] by Jazza Studios, Moonkey and Newgrounds.

Long ago, several gods created a new world. They argued as to who would rule it. Thunder and chaos reigned throughout the planet until a god was chosen. Fendar the god of strength was ultimately chosen. Not liking how Fendar ruled, Kognor corrupted and trained a young farm boy named Radiel in the ways of necromancy. When he had learned the art well, he possessed the farm boy's body and started to turn the new world's inhabitants into undead.

Through Radiel, he succeeded on his goal and would remain unopposed until The Paladin shows up. He observed The Paladin from the great stone tower and greeted him at the top. Radiel would kill The Paladin's companion crow and force him to fight his now undead fatherly figure, the Priest.

After a fight with a dragon, the injured Paladin struck Radiel through the chest. However, this did not hurt him but only released the god of death. After a confronting The Paladin, Kognor grabs the sword given to him by Fendar as a reward. However, the holy sword bursts Kognor's hand by touch, giving enough time for The Paladin to rise up and give Kognor the finale blow.