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Koga Shuko

I just want domination of one major American city! Is that too much to ask for?
~ Koga Shuko

Koga Shuko is the main villain from the movie Double Dragon (which is very loosely based on the videogame of same name). He was portrayed by Robert Patrick who has also portrayed T-1000.


Koga Shuko is a wealthy executive, who is seeking the Double Dragon amulets, which he believes will give him unlimited power so he can rule the city of New Angeles and all of its gangs. He already have one half of the amulet, so he send his henchmen to find the other half, which is in possession of the Lee brothers. In the final showdown on his office building, Shuko finally obtains the complete amulet and use its powers, but the two brothers retrieve the amulet and use its power to give Shuko a beating. In the end Shuko is arrested by the police.

Other appearances


Shuko in the Neo-Geo fighting game.

Koga Shuko appears as the final boss in the Neo-Geo fighting game, which is based on the movie. Here he appears as a powerful sorcerer who controls all gangs in town, with all other characters seeking to defeat him and end his reign of terror. Upon being defeated, a large monitor panel falls over him, apparently killing him.

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