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Knightmare Frames

Knightmare Frames aka Knightmares.

Knightmare Frames or simply known as Knightmares, are humanoid war machines designed specifically for combat, and they are the primary weapons in the anime series Code Geass. They were originaly used by the Holy Britannian Empire in its conquests. Eventually some older models were obtained by the Rebellion Forces.Unveiled during the invasion of Japan, Knightmare Frames are almost exclusively used in place of the practically obsolete main battle tanks. The name "Knightmare Frame" is a play on the words "knight", and "nightmare", and also "knight's mare".

During a battle in the Shinjuku Ghetto, Lelouch Lamperouge makes a deal with C.C. giving him the Geass power. With it he controls Villetta Nu with the Knightmares under his command into handing over her Sutherland.

There also exists a derivative type of war machine based on the Knightmare Frames called Knight Giga Fortress.

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