Kneemoi is an antagonist in the Carmen Sandiego series, appearing exclusively in the TV game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

She was voiced by Christine Sockol.


Kneemoi is a wanted, protoplasm-made extraterrestrial criminal from Planet Roddenberry, holding a record of 93 planetary prison breaks. At some point, she landed on Earth and was quickly hired by Carmen Sandiego to become a member of V.I.L.E., summoned often to steal impossible loot, such as major-scale natural resources and elements.

Kneemoi would steal something around the globe and be chased by the Gumshoes until she was found and arrested at the end by the winning Gumshoe.


Kneemoi is agog, curious, vivacious, effervescent, and seemingly bubbly, acting inquisitive towards most of Earth's culture and locations, but prefers to use these either as disguise or hideouts.

She is cute and uses it to her advantage, and prison seems to do little to phase her since she confesses to having fun whenever she is captured, shapeshifting into many toys to enjoy her time.

The Chief also explains that while Kneemoi is too unknowledgeable on human behavior, she learns fast when it comes to crime.


Kneemoi is able to shape-shift at will, able to develop any necessary appendage to carry out her capers. She can be tiny enough to resemble a fish, large enough to cut out an entire section of Planet Earth and steal its core, and colossal enough to steal an entire constellation (both of which she did with little to no effort). She can also seemingly fire a laser from her "nose".


  • Kneemoi's name is a pun on the late Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame, which is also the origin of Kneemoi's alien roots.
    • Roddenberry Planet is named after the late Gene Roddenberry, the very creator of Star Trek.
  • Roddenberry's design seems to change in some episodes. During Kneemoi's introduction episodes, Roddenberry is shown to be a blueish planet orbited by a ring similar to Saturn, but in later episodes, Roddenberry appears red in tone, with no rings around it.
  • According to the Chief, Keemoi was born in 1750, the same year in which the Library of New Jersey was founded.