The Knasty Knight

Knasty Knight

Knasty Knight is one of Rita Repulsa's monsters and a villain in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.


The Knasty Knight was a monster created by Rita Repulsa using an evil spell, not using the usual Monster-Matic. Finster cinch on using the Knasty Knight for their plan to validate Tarmac 3. Squatt and Baboo helped forge the sword for Finster by welding Knasty Knight's sword that same night to summon the monster. Using this spell from Finster's Spell Book.

Moon of ivory, stars of old, candlelight that’s spun of gold,

Sky of fire, wind of fright, bring to me a Knasty Knight!

Knasty Knight Blast

Zack is then ambushed by the Knight as he goes for a walk. His power was the ability to reflect the energy attacks back at them, usually returning the energy through the Power Weapons damaging them in the process. He could also project blasts of red energy beams from his sword.

The Dino Megazord defeated the Knasty Knight by using his own strategy against him, reflecting his energy beam off the Megazord's Power Sword.

He is the Monster who was reported to have stolen the Sword of Darkness from Zordon's forces 10,000 years ago to be used to give more control over Rita's Evil Green Ranger. The sword itself became a major part of Evil Green Ranger's Powers.



  • The Knasty Knight appeared in the season one episode "Happy Birthday, Zack", and had a brief cameo in "Green With Evil Part 2, Jason's Battle".
  • The flashbacks of Knasty Knight on Tarmac 3 in "Happy Birthday, Zack" and the fight with Zordon's soldier in "Green With Evil" use the same clip from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger of Dora Knight fighting against Goushi. It is entirely possible that the two battles and one of the same. Knasty Knight appeared on Tarmac 3, making "space dust" of it's finest warrior, one of Zordon's soldiers, then taking the Sword of Darkness.
  • He was voiced by Tom Wyner.