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~ Klutzy the Crab

Klutzy the Crab or simply "Klutzy" is the secondary antagonist of Club Penguin. On this site he works together with Herbert P. Bear.


Klutzy is a silent yet sinister small red crab who appears smarter than he looks. He has a fun loving personality and seems to be the only person that likes Herbert who he is incredibly loyal to and has so far never betrayed.


Klutzy saved Herbert after he tipped the Ice-berg and became friends with the polar bear. Over the running time of the website he helped Herbert with vandalizing different places in Club penguin. But he was discovered by the Secret Agents who captured him. Later, Klutzy succeeded to escape from the secret HQ and went back to Herbert. He was followed by a Secret Agent. This made Club penguin find out about the existence of Herbert the polar bear. He and Herbert are so far the only original CP villains to appear in the mobile app sequel Club Penguin: Island.



Klutzy's doppelganger Klepto

Many people have confused the other crab main antagonist on Club Penguin known as Klepto for Klutzy. This is due to the fact that both are mute, evil, red crabs who look almost identical. However they are very different characters since Klepto is a rouge villain who seems to enjoy trolling and tormenting people more so than doing anything malicious (however he does attempt to kill penguins in the game "Jetpack Boost" by knocking them off course). Also Klutzy uses his brain more while Klepto normally relies on machinery and is rarely seen outside his various contraptions. Some have also speculated that Klepto could be Klutzy's cousin however any relation between the two has not been confirmed.


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