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Klompa is one of the four generals of the Vizier and the secondary antagonist from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


Acquiring Power

270px-Klompa and Mahasti

Klompa with his fellow generals

Klompa was a warrior recruited by the Vizier to act as one of his generals and accompanied him in his assault on Babylon. Klompa appeared along with the other generals, Mahasti and the Twin Warriors, when the Prince attempted to stop the Vizier from killing Kaileena and unleashing the Sands of Time. Upon his master's success, Klompa and the other generals were infected by the sands, becoming corrupted by their powers.

Confronting the Prince of Persia

Klompa became a gruesome behemoth with no jaw, a mask, and a large sword and made his lair in an arena, where he took a number of Babylonians as prisoners. However despite his greater size and physical strength, Klompa finally meet his end when the Prince stabbed him in each eye and then drove the Dagger of Time into his head and down his back, making him disintegrate into sand. After freeing Klompa's prisoners, the Prince transformed into the Dark Prince and leapt down a hole so that the people wouldn't see him.


Klompa was a skilled warrior and originally fought with a double pronged spear weapon. After becoming corrupted to the Sands of Time, he gained enormous physical strength thanks to his great size and wielded a large sword weapon.