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Klogg is the main antagonist of the 1996 PC/PlayStation game The Neverhood and its 1998 sequel SkullMonkeys.

The first son of Hogborg, Klogg was introduced to The Neverhood, but all he can focus on was the king's crown, and manages to steal it, claiming himself as ruler.

He is voiced by Doug TenNapel.



Klogg's former appearance resembles that of Klayman's, albeit has one white sphere on his chest and, presumbably, a maroon "shirt".


After he placed the crown on his head, Klogg transforms into a dull red android with white teeth and claws. His eyes were discolored into white (on the right) and brown (on the left, a single spike can be seen on the top of his head, and has an unibrow set above his eyes. He seems to wear a brown ragged cloak with the neckline white, and white "shoes", revealing most of his toes.



Klogg was the first son of Hoborg and originally looked much like Klaymen. When Hoborg introduced Klogg to the Neverhood the only thing he focused on was Hoborg's crown. Klogg jumped up trying to grab it while screaming, "Crown!" Hoborg explained the crown is the only thing he couldn't have. However, later on Klogg took the crown off Hoborg's head and placed it on his own. He then transformed into a beastly looking version of Klaymen, and discovered Hoborg goes into a deep sleep without his crown.

In The Neverhood

Klogg tied down parts of the Neverhood with a chain and a pin so the castle was blocked off. However, Klaymen pulled the pin. Soon Klaymen, Bil, and Willie were headed to the castle. Klogg shot Bil with the cannon but Klaymen made it just in time. Klogg then tries to convince Klaymen to join him and rule the Neverhood together. In the bad ending, Klaymen accepts, puts on the crown and kills Klogg. In the good ending, he saves Hoborg, Klogg charges at the two but accidentally steps on his remote to the cannon and shoots himself off of the Neverhood.

In SkullMonkeys

In SkullMonkeys, Klogg lands on the planet Idznak where he accidentally kills one of the skullmonkeys, who's corpse he uses to disguise himself as Kloggmonkey. He then convinces the skullmonkeys to help him build a machine called Evil Engine Number 9 and help him destroy the Neverhood. However one skullmonkey, Jerry-O, sends a flying machine to retrieve Klaymen. Klogg completes the machine when Klaymen arrives just in time. The two fought, and Klaymen kills Klogg.



  • Klogg is similar to Lord Betrayus from the Disney XD animated series "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures".
    • Both have original physical appearances (Klogg resembling Klayman, Betrayus as a Pac-Worlder)
    • Both want to rule over a certain place (The Neverhood, Pac-World)
    • Both have jagged sharp teeth and claws.
    • Both are tyrants.
      • Unlike Klogg, Betrayus was evil from the start.