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Kiwimon is a minor villain in the TV show Digimon, and a minion of Puppetmon.


Kiwimon is a Champion Level Digimon that resembles bird about the size of Puppetmon. He has brown feathers, with no wings, leaves on the back of his head and a white skull-like thing that covers most of his head.

Digimon Adventures 01

A Kiwimon is a henchman of Puppetmon and is sent to prevent the other DigiDestined from finding T.K. at Puppetmon's mansion. He is destroyed by Birdramon, which greatly angers Matt, as Kiwimon could've told them where T.K. was.

Digimon Tamers

When Suzie Wong appears in the Digital World looking for Terriermon, she encounters a Kiwimon, who shreds her coat, attacks her, and then runs off laughing.


  • Pummel Peck
  • High Jumping Kick
  • Nose Mattock


  • Kiwimon's Rookie form is Floramon.
  • Kiwimon can Digivolve into either; Blossomon, or one of the Digimon Devas, Sinduramon.
  • When Kiwimon uses his Pummel Peck out comes ChibiKiwimon.


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