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Kitty Galore is the titular main antagonist of the film, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore. She is a ruthless, hairless cat whose goal is to use "The Call Of The Wild" disc to make every dog in the world turn against their owners, and would then be locked up in the kennels.

She has a henchman named Paws, a robotic cat, and a pet mouse named Scrumptious. She also seems to have no regard for the life of either dogs or cats against her, as evidenced by her decision to let Catherine and Diggs drown. This extends to humans because, although the dogs were her targets, her plan placed humans at risk and could have resulted in injuries, even fatalities, for humans and dogs.

To some degree, however, Kitty Galore is something of a tragic villain. This is due to the fact Catherine revealed to Diggs and Butch that, while Kitty was a M.E.O.W.S. agent named Ivana Clawyu, she was chased by a guard dog on her last assignment before going rogue and fell into a vat of hair removal cream. Humiliated and jeered by her own fellow agents, Ivana left M.E.O.W.S. and returned to her human family. But her owners didn't recognize her and she was thrown out into the cold Christmas night. This led to Kitty to angrily vow to "make them (humans) pay." She was later found by a magician, but still devoted to evil.

During the final fight with Kitty Galore, Diggs tricked Paws into biting the electric cord, causing Kitty Galore's satellite machine to deactivate. Scrumptious turned against Kitty Galore and pushed the eject button of her escape pad, and Kitty Galore was thrown out of the machine to be returned to her magician owner, defeated.


  • Kitty's plan involved revenge on dogs, humans and cats:
    • Against dogs for the one that chased her into the vat of hair-removal
    • Against humans for her family throwing her out into the cold
    • Against cats for humiliating her
  • Her relationship with Mr. Tinkles is extremely similar to The Fallen's relationship with Megatron from Michael Bay's live-action film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Both films are sequels that center on the main antagonists seeking revenge. Both the henchmen (Mr.Tinkles and Megatron) were the main villains of the first film while Kitty Galore and The Fallen, who were absent, are the main villains in the sequel.
  • Her name is a play on the James Bond character, Pussy Galore.
  • She was voiced by Bette Midler, who also played Winifred Sanderson & Georgette.

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