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Kitty amazing by bubblesthefoxx-d3dsiss
Kitty Amazing is an antagonist in the popular internet series, Dick Figures. She is a stray cat who kills people or causes suffering to them whenever she meows, though this seems to only work if her victims are looking at her, similar to Medusa or The Basilisk. She has appeared in two episodes and a teaser so far.

In Kitty Amazing, Red adopts her, and for an unknown reason, she decides not to kill him, or perhaps Red is immune to her power. Red and Blue take her around town, but accidentally kill everyone who sees them. Finally, at the end of the episode, Red causes her to destroy herself by meowing at herself in the mirror. Red and Blue are later seen using her as a football.
New Series Coming on Thursday!00:39

New Series Coming on Thursday!

The Preview of Dick Figures. With Kitty Amazing


Red holding Kitty Amazing.

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