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Kishgal is a villain from Ys Origin.


Kishgal is a member of the Clan of Darkness who serves Dalles along with his sister Epona. However, Kishgal only seeks to fight strong warriors, having a particular disdain of sorcerers. When Dalles started the demonic invasion on Ys, Kishgal was confronted by Saul Tovah and Toal Fact, both of which stayed behind to keep the demons at bay while Ys was lifted into the sky. Kishgal confronted Saul three times and ultimately killed him, coming to regard him as a worthy opponent.

During the knight's raid on Darm Tower, Kishgal is tasked with stopping them and searching for the twin goddesses. He gets interested in Yunica Tovah, Saul's daughter, expecting her to give him him a good fight like her father, but ends disappointed after easily defeating her. He confronts her again near the end of the game, using his demonic essence to transform into a demon form, but ends defeated, thanking her for the fight before dying.

When playing with Toal Fact, Kishgal confronts him to test Toal's demonic powers. Even though he is defeated, he still wishes to continue the fight and transforms into his demon form, but Yunica and the other knights intervene and confront him while Toal continues on his quest. He's later revealed to have been killed much in the same way he did in Yunica's path.

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