Kisha Davis is one of the main protagonists in the film, A Haunted House, and its sequel.  

She is Malcolm's girlfriend, although in the sequel, she is his ex.

Personality-wise, Kisha is shallow, ruthless, impatient, deceitful, persuasive, duplicitous, bad-tempered, manipulative, supercilious, egotistical, quarrelsome, egocentric, untruthful, truculent, and shrewish. At the beginning of the movie, she runs over Malcolm's dog and seems indifferent about it. She once made a deal with the devil for a pair of expensive shoes, and has been stalked by a demon ever since.  It is revealed over the course of the movie that she has had multiple abortions, has participated in group sex, and has herpes.  One night, the demon has sex with her in her sleep, which she openly admits to enjoying.  Shortly after, she is possessed.  Malcolm and several other characters attempt an exorcism, but it is implied that the demon still lives in her.

In the sequel, Kisha is presumed to be dead.  However, she appears twice: once to meet Malcolm's new girlfriend and family, and again at the end to kill them.