Kiruru is the main antagonist of Keroro Gunso the Super Movie (2006).

The main villain of the first movie who was sealed away with Mirara in tower form. Kiruru is a Keronian war
machine that went on an uncontrollable rampage millions of years ago but was sealed away in an orange crystal by Mirara. He feeds on negative energy. His design is a white Keronian that wears golden bracelets and has a Keronian soldier helmet-like head with a black bottom jaw and belly. He has a red X on his forehead, much like the placement of Keronian emblems on their hats. He attacks by flying through the air and giving people an X mark on their body. This allows them to telepathically communicate and give more X's, but Kiruru powers himself using their negative emotions and the victims eventually only think about negative thoughts. Then, once he obtains enough power, he transforms into a more powerful form, which looks like a large beast. In this form he has no legs, instead he has a long, thick tail and moves around with his two hands. This form and the next are impervious to damage and generate a strong paperlike substance from its limbs to cover up large expanses of land. After collecting even more negative energy, Kiruru

Kiruru's final form. He's a giant now.

transforms into a tower and begins cloning his first form. The clones fly in a X formation until they attack, when they swarm around their unfortunate victim. He was defeated when the Hinata's and the Keroro Platoon's friendship removed their X's and Fuyuki and Keroro placed Mirara into the orange crystal, sealing away Kiruru once again.