Kirk is the protagonist villain of the 2014 film Saving Christmas, written and directed by Darren Doane.

He is portrayed by Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron, who was also the star of the original Left Behind feature film.


Kirk is hosting a lavish Christmas party, but his skeptical brother-in-law, Christian, sits in his car, flustered over the overabundant materialism that Christmas has become and that it seems to no longer revolve around what it's supposed to be about: Jesus Christ.

Kirk sits with him and explains how everything related to Christmas is connected to Jesus Christ, including Christmas Trees (which are both synonymous with both the apple tree from Adam and Eve as well as the cross Jesus was crucified from), nutcrackers (which were the foot-soldiers sent by Herod to kill all firstborns), Santa (who was based on St. Nicolas, who mercilessly beat non-believers), among other things. He even suggests that being materialistic, greedy, and gluttonous on Christmas is what God wants, as it represents Jesus being born into a "material" body. He also berates Christian for "terrorizing" his family by wanting to spend money on feeding the poor or digging wells instead of buying presents and ham.

With his feeble mind changed, Christian takes all that he has learned to heart and rejoins everyone to celebrate in Kirk's ideal spirit of the Christmas season.