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Kirill is the secondary main antagonist in The Bourne Supremacy.

He is portrayed by Karl Urban, who also portrays Black Hat.


Kirill was an agent working for the Federal Security Service in Russia. He appears in the beginning of the film, framing Jason Bourne by planting the fingerprints, killing Pamela Landy's operative and making off with the files containing the evidence and money and giving them to Yuri Gretkov, the Russian oil magnate.

Kiril was sent to Goa to assassinate Bourne. He was spotted by Bourne on his arrival. Bourne gets into his car to escape, just as Kiril sees him in the driver's seat, as he prepares his sniper rifle. Bourne exchanges seat with his lover, Marie Kreutz. Kiril thought that the driver was still Bourne himself, so he ends up shooting Marie, causing the car to fall into the river.

Later on, he tracks Bourne down as he found out that his target is actually still alive, as told by Gretkov at the nightclub. Just as Bourne finds out that Irene Neski had moved out to another apartment, there begins the chase. Kirill shoots Bourne in the shoulder, but was distracted by the police, who attempts to arrest him before he proves his identity.

Kirill takes off in a car and engages in a high-speed chase with Bourne, which ends with Bourne seriously injuring Kirill by forcing him to crash into a concrete divider. Bourne draws out his gun, but does not kill him and leave Kirill to die after seeing his severe wounds.


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